Instrumental Sangen
Honjoh Hidetaro

TACD 0001
CD 3,000yen (w/o tax)

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  • Yoshiko no Jyohka
    composed by Honjoh Hidetaro
  • Kurama no Koiuta
    composed by Tsubonoh Katsuhiro
  • Shoh
    composed by Sawai Tadao
  • Nikata
    composed by Honjoh Hidetaro

A tense thread rings out with sound.
The overwhelming force of a live performance.
As if a hall or something similar was made only to capture this presence, this overwhelming feeling heard by the listener on CD. All of these feelings and sounds are now placed into this audio tracks for you to listen and enjoy.
Awarded the Music Section Festival Prize Winner in the 1985 Art Festival by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
(Shamisen by Hidetaro Honjoh)

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