a ma te ru
Honjoh Hidetaro

CD 2,857yen (w/o tax)

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  • Iwafune
  • Amateru
  • Suikyu
  • Utagaki
  • Kohzu
  • Vasala
  • Coelacanth
  • Sema
  • Ryuka

Are the waters of Gaia still azure? The music of the earth, that which is devoted to the sea, the source of life.

《Shamisen crossed the sea from West Asia》
What was the first sound that man felt?
It was the caressing sound of “water” .
And it was the thump of the "heart".
Through the sound of water, the harmony of the beginning is heard.
The sound of the water is gentle, like the sea. The earth, as well, is gentle.
Search for one who may co-exist with nature.
(Composed and Performed on the Shamisen by Honjoh Hidetaro)A collaboration of the soul, fused with pure (traditional) Japanese music and mixed with Western music that is offered tribute to the essence of life, the “sea.”
Honjoh Hidetaro is one of the few composers and Shamisen musicians who can convey the Japanese desire to pursue of music known as Japanese folk music. As a new stream of folk song in Japan, he learns from the past again and with a new way, expresses a singing voice and the energy of the people that Japanese folk song possess. "a ma te ru" given up to the "Sea" (the origin of life) as a straight offering is self-proclaimed masterpiece album which was made through the help and collaboration of other various musicians.
(The album "a ma te ru", produced about 14 years ago, was received favorably. Once again this awesome album is on sale to draw in more people to real folk music.)

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