Past Activities


NHK Radio Shinya-bin -Meijin Tatsujin-
November 9, 2009 1:00 -2:00 NHK Radio 1
NHK Radio Shinya-bin
NHK Let's Go Minyo!
October 31, 12:30~12:55 NHK FM Radio
November 7 12:30~12:55 NHK Radio
November14 12:30~12:55 NHK Radio

Let's Go Minyo!
Honjoh Ryu Risogaku Concert
??? [Schedule] July 18 2009
[Venue] Kioi Small Hall
[Sponsor] The head of Honjoh Ryu / Honjoh Hidetaro
12:30pm(day performance) / 16:30pm(evening performance)
[Tickets] 5,000yen

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Honjoh Hedetaro(Shamisen)+Hasegawa Yoko(Cello) Joint Recital
July 28, 2009
Honjoh Hedetaro(Shamisen)+Hasegawa Yoko(Cello) Joint Recital was held in Hakuju Hall.
jealousy ?????
jealousy ?????

jealousy ?????
For cello and shamisen "About Jealousy."
based on "The Jacob Gade-Jealousy"

(Honjoh + Hasegawa)
jealousy 1. ???????? I.Casals and Cassado
Man and Woman - jealousy? -

jealousy 2. ????????? II.Frank and Chic of the Red-light district of Edo
- Men and women Jealousy -
jealousy 3.??????????????
jealousy 3.??????????????
III.Bride and her mother playing in the cello and shamisen
- Women and Women Jealousy -
(Honjoh + Hasegawa)

Hasegawa Yoko homepage

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NHK Meikyoku Album
Folk Song Niigata
"Sado Okesa"

(Honjoh Hedetaro
Thursday, October 1, 2009 14:55-15:00 NHK Educational TV
Sunday,October 11 5:45-5:50 NHK
Monday,October 12 11:55-12:00 BS high vision
Saturday,October 17 5:20-5:25 NHK Educational TV
Tuesday,October 20 14:55-15:00 NHK Educational TV
Saturday,October 24 6:55-7:00 BS high vision
Friday,October 30 16:55-17:00 BS high vision
Honjoh Hidetaro no Kai concert,
"Listening to the sounds of Edo Hauta"

Schedule] October 12 2009
[Venue] Kioi Small Hall
[Sponsor] Honjoh Hidetaro no Kai / Listening to the sounds of Edo Hauta Executive Committee
[Performance] 14:30pm
[Tickets] 4,500yen

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Katsura Bunga Gokusaishiki Kozaburi Third Stage
????????? Honjoh Hidetaro plays shamisen and talks with Katasura Bounga as a guest.

[Schedule] September 9 2009
[Performance] 18:30pm
[Venue] National Engei Hall
[Tickets]4,500/ 3,500yen(Advance purchase)
Honjoh Hidetaro(Shamisen) +Hasegawa Yoko(Cello) Joint Recital
~Aikotoba, Koyoiwa Jealousy~
?????(???)+?????(???)   ?????????? [Schedule] July 28 2009
[Performance] 19:00pm
[Venue] Hakuju Hall
[Tickets] 5,000yen

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The 631th Mitsukoshi Meijinkai -Early Summer Event-
????? ???????? [Schedule] June 2 2009
[Performance] 13:00pm
[Venue] Mitsukoshi Theater
[Tickets] 6,800yen
Honjoh Hidetaro produces
Honjoh Hidejiro Shamisen Recital
????? ????????

[Schedule] April 17 2009
[Venue] Kioi Small Hall

[Schedule] April 27 2009
[Venue] Utsunomiyashi Bunkakaikan Small Hall

[Tickets] 3,000yen
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